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Finding the right outfitter can be a tricky affair. When you put your hard-earned money on the table you want to know you're going to get what you expect.

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We're proud to announce that Backwoods TV has teamed up with Carquest Auto Parts again to bring the Backwoods into your living room every week!

Beginning in October Carquest Auto Parts' Backwoods TV is back for another season on My TV in Lansing. Check your local listings and tune in every week for more Backwoods Hunting Action.

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Featured Videos

  • Scotty Takes a Spring Gobbler with the Matrix 380

    Scotty Takes a Spring Gobbler with the Matrix 380

    It’s opening week of Ohio’s spring turkey season and Scotty is running late. As they work their way along the field…

    Rating: Views: 287 Duration: 00:02:56 Category: Turkey Hunts Uploaded: 04-15-14

  • A Monster Bull at Ignace Outpost

    A Monster Bull at Ignace Outpost

    Backwoods Boy Troy Lauffer must be living right. Troy had never been on a moose hunt, so he decided to book a fly-in moose hunt…

    Rating: Views: 49,125 Duration: 00:07:58 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 01-08-14

  • Wide Load

    Wide Load

    It’s Opening Weekend of Ohio’s archery season, and Backwoods Boy Shawn Perdue hasn’t been sleeping well. It…

    Rating: Views: 51,396 Duration: 00:06:47 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 10-01-13

  • Getting Close with Big Bears

    Getting Close with Big Bears

    Want to put a little different twist on your black bear hunt? Why not sit on the ground with them? Rob Dykeman from Excalibur…

    Rating: Views: 9,133 Duration: 00:06:30 Category: Bear Hunts Uploaded: 07-23-13

  • Total Deer Domination

    Total Deer Domination

    Darren Brown from Buck Bomb came in from Maryland for a whitetail hunt with the Backwoods Boys. For several months the Backwoods…

    Rating: Views: 20,039 Duration: 00:04:44 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 04-25-13

  • Triple M Outfitters - Highlights

    Triple M Outfitters - Highlights

    Dan and the Boys decided to escape the cold Ohio winter, and headed to Florida to hunt feral hogs with Triple M Outfitters. After…

    Rating: Views: 4,854 Duration: 00:01:09 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 02-23-13

  • Hunting Giant Black Bears at Hoards Hunting Camps

    Hunting Giant Black Bears at Hoards Hunting Camps

    Manitoba has a reputation for producing big black bears. And when you find a hunting camp with the right mixture of food source,…

    Rating: Views: 129,129 Duration: 00:10:21 Category: Bear Hunts Uploaded: 02-13-13

  • Matrix Changes Everything

    Matrix Changes Everything

    Bill Troubridge discusses the all new Matrix line of Excalibur Crossbows, featuring CRT - Compact Recurve Technology. The new…

    Rating: Views: 30,114 Duration: 00:04:25 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 01-03-13

  • Dan Takes a Fly-In Moose Hunt with Ignace Outposts

    Dan Takes a Fly-In Moose Hunt with Ignace Outposts

    When it comes to moose hunting, the more remote your hunting grounds the better. So, Dan Wallace packed his Excalibur Crossbow…

    Rating: Views: 137,702 Duration: 00:08:38 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 12-20-12

  • Big Chocolate Bear at Hoards Hunting Camps

    Big Chocolate Bear at Hoards Hunting Camps

    Jim Hoard has the recipe for big bears: good genetics, plentiful food supply, and a limited number of hunters. And his recipe…

    Rating: Views: 25,431 Duration: 00:06:49 Category: Bear Hunts Uploaded: 11-14-12

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