Meet the Backwoods Boys

Dan Wallace

Dan is the president of Team Backwoods and host of Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods. He practically lives in the woods... spending as much time as he can hunting whitetails, black bears, or just about anything else. And he's good at it.

As a retired sherrif's deputy, Dan puts his police training to use in the Backwoods, applying many of the same concepts to his pursuit of big game animals. When he's not in the woods, he's busy managing day-to-day operations and editing.

Karl Metzler

Karl is the executive producer and co-host of Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods and the team's "high-tech redneck." He splits his time between video production, web development, and graphic design, providing high-quality products for both Team Backwoods and its partners.

If he's not in front of a computer screen, you'll find him in the Backwoods, with either a weapon or a camera.

Paul Payne

Paul is one of the founding members of Team Backwoods, and an indispensable part of the team. He is a police officer in southwestern Ohio and a heck-of-a-good hunter.

He'll tell you he's a "trained observer," and he takes that skill with him in the woods. Whether he's scouting whitetail or sitting in a treestand, he's the kind of guy you like to have with you.

Troy Lauffer

Every team needs its comic relief, and Troy definitely brings it to the table. As the team "goof," you can count on Troy to bring the unexpected into just about any situation.

But when it comes to hunting, he's all business. Regardless of what he's hunting or how he's hunting it, Troy takes his time in the woods seriously.

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About Team Backwoods

We love the Backwoods. From our home range in Ohio and Kentucky, to the wild Canadian bush, and everywhere in between. We live for the Backwoods - and BackwoodsTV gives us the opportunity to share a little bit of our Backwoods with you...

BackwoodsTV is run by Team Backwoods, a production company based in southwestern Ohio. In 2008, Team Backwoods entered the world of television, partnering with Excalibur Crossbow and a large number of other influential hunting companies to produce Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods. Every week, Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods television show brings our passion for the hunting tradition into living rooms across North America on The Sportsman Channel in the US, and WildTV in Canada.

BackwoodsTV was launched early in 2009, as a community for hunters by hunters. It was established as a place for hunters to share their passion for the outdoors and love for the hunting tradition. Since 2009, BackwoodsTV has streamed 3,684,121 videos to hunters across the world.

BackwoodsTV features full-length hunting videos from our television show Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods for you to watch on your terms, 24-7