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I spend way too much time in front of a computer. I work with Dan Wallace to produce Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods and the popular Team Backwoods DVDs - Back In The Woods and Bears In The Backwoods. I have also spent untold hours bringing life to Backwoods TV. If I'm not in front of a computer I try to be in a treestand. Whether I'm hunting or videotaping there are very few better places to be. I live and work in southwestern Ohio with my incredibly supportive (and understanding) wife and two young kids. Exalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods is currently airing on The Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, and Wild TV. Our DVD library is available through the Backwoods Store on the Team Backwoods website (

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I enjoy video production - videography, animation, compositing, visual effects, 3D... whatever it takes - and web development. In what little spare time I have left I work with a pee-wee football league, and one of the premiere little league programs in the region.

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The Excalibur Takes A Monster

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Dan Takes a Fly-In Moose Hunt with Ignace Outposts

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