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Day Five

Week 26 | 07/01/2016

The season is only a week old in Ohio, but you wouldn't know that by the tag count. Scotty hits the trees during the first week of Ohio's archery season. Then Buck Bomb's Darren Brown comes into town for another early season hunt.

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  • Horse Head

    Horse Head Week 13


    Karl and his son Jake travel north to Saskatchewan for a spring bear hunt at Horse Head Trophy Hunts. Jake has a close encounter with the first color-phase bear he's ever seen, and Karl puts the Excalibur to work on a big Saskatchewan bear.

  • Micro Management

    Micro Management Week 14


    It's early deer season in Ohio and Shawn Perdue heads out to the trees on a rainy evening with Excalibur's newest crossbow. The bucks are becoming more aggressive and Shawn does a little rattling and pulls a nice Ohio buck out of the honeysuckle and right into range. The only problem is, it's not the buck he's looking for. Then Scott takes the Micro back into the same treestand looking for a buck he's nicknamed Stickers. Finally, we get some early season calling tips from Jerry Peterson and see him put these tips to use during Kentucky's early muzzleloader season.

  • The Island

    The Island Week 15


    Dan returns to Newfoundland to hunt spring black bears with Todd Wiseman at Newfoundland Adventures. Despite nasty weather and high winds the bears are moving and with a two-bear limit Dan finds success again showing us why he loves this island.

  • Koringkoppie

    Koringkoppie Week 16


    Dan returns to Koringkoppie Safaris in South Africa and this time he brings Shawn along for his first African Safari. Like a kid in a candy store, Shawn can’t believe what he’s experiencing and he begins to understand the draw of Africa.

  • Koringkoppie Part 2

    Koringkoppie Part 2 Week 17


    Dan and Shawn continue their safari in South Africa with Koringkoppie Safaris. Shawn plays cat and mouse with a herd of blue wildebeest, and while trying to eat his lunch Dan is interrupted by the gray ghost of Africa.

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever Week 18


    The long, cold winter is over and spring has finally arrived. It's spring turkey season in Kentucky and the boys have found a cure for cabin fever. Dan starts his season off with the Excalibur Micro and Karl gets it done before a spring thunder storm rolls in.

  • Turkey Tom

    Turkey Tom Week 19


    It's spring turkey season in Ohio and the boys are unleashing a secret weapon. Dan starts the season off with a knock-out punch on an Ohio gobbler and Shawn plays cat and mouse with a wary old long beard. Then Dan and Shawn double up over Turkey Tom.

  • Dog Lake

    Dog Lake Week 20


    Karl takes his wife Carla back to Black Bear Adventures in Ontario for another fall bear hunt. Carla finds herself in a familiar situation as she watches a momma bear interact with her cub. Then she comes face to face with her biggest bear yet.

  • The Land of the Giants

    The Land of the Giants Week 21


    Dan, Karl and Troy head back to Manitoba for a fall bear hunt at Hoards Hunting Camps. Dan tests the Excalibur Micro out on one of the big bears Jim Hoard is famous for and Troy and Karl double up from the same stand in the Land of the Giants.

  • Misery

    Misery Week 22


    Dan and Paul return to Newfoundland Adventures to hunt with Todd Wiseman. The boys have been hunting bears there for years, but this time they're after moose. Dan and Paul put the rifle to work on bull moose in an area called Misery.

  • Persistence

    Persistence Week 23


    It's late archery season in Ohio but the boys haven't given up yet. Karl finally fills his tag the weekend of thanksgiving, then our good friend Jacques Combrinck from Koringkoppie Safaris comes into town and brings some South African luck with him. Finally, Troy shows how persistence pays off in the deer woods.

  • Early Season

    Early Season Week 24


    It's early deer season in Ohio and Jake gets things started on opening day with a great Ohio buck. Then Dan plays hide and seek with an early season buck and Shawn braves a rain storm to get a shot at a big Ohio buck.

  • Bluegrass Bucks

    Bluegrass Bucks Week 25


    It's opening day of Kentucky's modern rifle season and Dan is back in his hay bale blind. Not long into the first hunt of the season a nice Kentucky buck pops out in the field, and after a little calling he comes in close and puts on a show. Then, Paul heads back to the hay bales and plays a game of cat and mouse with a pesky coyote. After that we head back to Ohio and jump in behind Dan's nephew Jake from North Carolina on a Thanksgiving Day hunt. Not long into the hunt an injured buck walks in to their set, and Jake puts the Micro to work filling his buck tag. Then Jake and Scott head out for a little mid-season doe management.

  • Day Five

    Day Five Week 26


    The season is only a week old in Ohio, but you wouldn't know that by the tag count. Scotty hits the trees during the first week of Ohio's archery season. Then Buck Bomb's Darren Brown comes into town for another early season hunt.

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