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  • Rattling Big Bucks

    Rattling Big Bucks

    Fast Action as the Callmasters rattle up multiple trophy whitetail bucks in Texas! watch now

    Rating: Views: 670 Duration: 00:04:17 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 06-24-08

  • Turkey Locator

    Turkey Locator

    Locate more gobblers this spring with the Screamin' Peacock watch now

    Rating: Views: 492 Duration: 00:07:26 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 06-24-08

  • The Callmasters Journal

    The Callmasters Journal

    Whitetail Hunting in Texas. Join the Calmasters Crew in Texas this week as they rattle, grunt, snort, and bleat for big Texas Whitetail. Join Jerry Peterson, Bobby Butler, and Franci Butler on this blackpowder hunt. watch now

    Rating: Views: 497 Duration: 00:17:55 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 06-12-08

  • The Bear Talker

    The Bear Talker

    The Woods Wise Bear Talker is a unique tool in your bear hunting arsenal. It can be used to mimic the aggressive vocalizations that bears make when competing for breeding rights or food, or to simulate the moans and breeding… watch now

    Rating: Views: 570 Duration: 00:03:26 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 06-10-08

  • The Screamin Peacock

    The Screamin Peacock

    Get those turkeys gobblin' with the Screamin' Peacock from Woods Wise - the Callmasters. watch now

    Rating: Views: 421 Duration: 00:26:34 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 06-09-08