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  • Stand Up For Bucks

    Stand Up For Bucks

    Jerry Peterson, President and Founder of Woods Wise, takes to the treestand for whitetails in the second phase - the Seeking Phase - of the rut. In this clip you'll see how Estrus blats and breeding bellows will help coax bucks… watch now

    Rating: Views: 14,976 Duration: 00:02:58 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 08-12-08

  • The Callmaster's Kentucky Gobbler

    The Callmaster's Kentucky Gobbler

    It’s opening weekend of Kentucky’s spring turkey season, and the Callmaster, Jerry Peterson of Woods Wise Products is chasing a gobbler all over the place. Problem is, he’s all henned up and happy… So… watch now

    Rating: Views: 13,886 Duration: 00:06:49 Category: Turkey Hunts Uploaded: 03-07-12

  • Triple M Outfitters - Highlights

    Triple M Outfitters - Highlights

    Dan and the Boys decided to escape the cold Ohio winter, and headed to Florida to hunt feral hogs with Triple M Outfitters. After a week of hunting, the verdict is in. Matt Cates at Triple M Outfitters will put you on the hogs.… watch now

    Rating: Views: 11,321 Duration: 00:01:09 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 02-23-13

  • HH Motor Sports

    HH Motor Sports

    HH Motor Sports carries a full-line of high-quality UTVs and Dune Buggies at astonishing prices. Visit HH Motorsports for all your UTV needs watch now

    Rating: Views: 10,275 Duration: 00:00:30 Category: Commercials Uploaded: 10-03-12

  • Karl Puts The Matrix to Work on a Big, Big Critter

    Karl Puts The Matrix to Work on a Big, Big Critter

    Karl Metzler and Dan Wallace took the new Excalibur Matrix prototype crossbow on a South African Hunting Safari with Koringkoppie Safaris. Early in their Safari, a giant Eland bull made his way to the waterhole, towering above… watch now

    Rating: Views: 10,271 Duration: 00:05:12 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 04-25-13

  • Diablo Carbon Arrows

    Diablo Carbon Arrows

    Excalibur Crossbow introduces the new Diablo Carbon Arrow. Made for the blazing speeds the new Matrix line of crossbows produce, the Diablo is an 18-inch carbon arrow with 2-inch vanes. The extra-heavy front insert provides better… watch now

    Rating: Views: 9,307 Duration: 00:00:30 Category: Commercials Uploaded: 03-07-13

  • Callmaster Mini-Three Predator Call

    Callmaster Mini-Three Predator Call

    The Woods Wise Callmasters’ Mini-Three Predator call may well be the most versatile predator call you’ve ever seen. The three closed reed calls allow you to change your calling as the need arises. And they’re… watch now

    Rating: Views: 9,222 Duration: 00:06:14 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 06-02-14

  • The Killing Tree

    The Killing Tree

    It’s early archery season in Ohio and Paul Payne is back in his favorite tree stand. He’s nicknamed this tree the Killing Tree, and for good reason. This spot produces year after year. As the light begins to fade,… watch now

    Rating: Views: 7,097 Duration: 00:05:56 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 11-19-15

  • Woods Wise Super Buc 'n Doe Plus Snort

    Woods Wise Super Buc 'n Doe Plus Snort

    The Woods Wise Callmasters are proud to introduce the One Call That Does it All - The Super Buc 'n Doe Plus Snort. This call produces grunts, bleats and snorts. Give it a try this season watch now

    Rating: Views: 6,706 Duration: 00:00:31 Category: Commercials Uploaded: 08-11-08

  • The Butcher Block: Restructure Burger Jerky

    The Butcher Block: Restructure Burger Jerky

    On this segment of the Outdoor Edge Butcher Block, learn how to take that left over ground game meat and turn it into restructured jerky watch now

    Rating: Views: 5,230 Duration: 00:03:49 Category: Outdoor Edge Knives Uploaded: 07-21-09