Hunting Giant Black Bears at Hoards Hunting Camps

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Hunting Giant Black Bears at Hoards Hunting Camps

Manitoba has a reputation for producing big black bears. And when you find a hunting camp with the right mixture of food source, genetics, and solid management practices, the bears can get enormous.

Jim Hoard at Hoards Hunting Camps has the right recipe. His area is rich with food sources, he has a limited number of tags, and the right genetics. In fact, the Canadian record black bear was killed by an automobile right in the middle of Jim’s area - and that bear weighed 856 pounds!

So, Dan Wallace and Scott Boehl returned to Hoards Hunting Camps in search of really big black bears. One bear in particular - Coco - was on the hit list. Coco is a 700+ pound color-phase black bear that the boys had been hunting for two years. Well, Scotty catches up with the big fella, but has some problems with a momma and her babies.

You won’t believe how this bear hunt turns out!

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