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  • Excalibur: Deadly Accurate

    Excalibur: Deadly Accurate

    There’s no question, Excalibur Crossbows are the most accurate, reliable, and dependable crossbows on the market today. Regardless of where or what you’re hunting, an Excalibur Crossbow has got you covered. To prove… watch now

    Rating: Views: 1,310 Duration: 00:06:40 Category: Television Shows Uploaded: 02-02-16

  • Red Top Mountain

    Red Top Mountain

    Dan heads west to New Mexico to hunt elk with Jared Taylor at Red Top Mountain Outfitters. After having been on 3 other elk hunts and never having any success, Dan had just about given up on elk hunting. But after talking to… watch now

    Rating: Views: 480 Duration: 00:06:46 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 07-09-14

  • A Big Bull Moose in a Place Called Misery

    A Big Bull Moose in a Place Called Misery

    Backwoods Boy Dan Wallace is back at Newfoundland Adventures hunting with Todd Wiseman. Usually he’s hunting those big black bears Newfoundland is known for, but today, he’s after a big Newfoundland Moose. Moose hunting… watch now

    Rating: Views: 649 Duration: 00:10:15 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 02-11-14

  • The Island Bait

    The Island Bait

    Dan returns to one of his favorite places to bear hunt, and demonstrates how persistence and patience pay off in the bear woods. After four years of hunting with Newfoundland Adventures, Dan has learned a thing or two about persistence.… watch now

    Rating: Views: 589 Duration: 00:15:32 Category: Television Shows Uploaded: 02-11-14

  • Newfoundland Adventures

    Newfoundland Adventures

    Dan and Paul return to Newfoundland Adventures to hunt those big-headed black bears the island is famous for. And this trip didn’t dissapoint! See more shows like this on Excalibur’s Huntin’ the Backwoods watch now

    Rating: Views: 735 Duration: 00:18:51 Category: Television Shows Uploaded: 03-13-13

  • XY Powersports

    XY Powersports

    The Big Iron from XY Powersports provides rugged durability and rock-solid design to bring you a high-quality, affordable UTV, perfect for the Outdoorsman. watch now

    Rating: Views: 473 Duration: 00:00:14 Category: Commercials Uploaded: 12-15-12

  • This Week on Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods

    This Week on Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods

    This week on Excalibur’s Huntin’ the Backwoods, we head north to Alberta for a spring bear hunt on the Athabasaca River with Nick Kuelken at Misty River Outfitters. The bears are active and the Mike and Troy change… watch now

    Rating: Views: 469 Duration: 00:01:23 Category: Television Shows Uploaded: 03-19-12

  • Boss Birds in the Rain

    Boss Birds in the Rain

    On this segment from Excalibur’s Huntin’ the Backwoods, it’s spring turkey season in Kentucky, and the weather is downright nasty. But Dan’s not about to let a little bad weather keep him in the house…… watch now

    Rating: Views: 549 Duration: 00:04:59 Category: Turkey Hunts Uploaded: 02-27-12

  • Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods

    Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods

    Get ready for a whole new season of Excalibur’s Huntin’ the Backwoods. Dan Wallace, Karl Metzler, and the Backwoods Boys hit the Backwoods each week beginning in January. Don’t miss a minute of the excitement… watch now

    Rating: Views: 545 Duration: 00:01:09 Category: Television Shows Uploaded: 12-19-11

  • Opening Day in Ohio

    Opening Day in Ohio

    There's nothing quite like Opening Day... After all the hard work, preparation, and practice, it's time to put it all together. In this clip from Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods, Dan Wallace kicks off the Ohio whitetail hunting… watch now

    Rating: Views: 527 Duration: 00:07:34 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 09-30-11