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  • The Bear Talker

    The Bear Talker

    Jerry Peterson, the Callmaster from Woods Wise Products, shares some tips to help make you more successful when calling bears. Many bear hunters overlook the benefits of calling bears during both the spring and fall, but with… watch now

    Rating: Views: 3,007 Duration: 00:03:09 Category: Product Demonstrations Uploaded: 02-03-16

  • Excalibur: Deadly Accurate

    Excalibur: Deadly Accurate

    There’s no question, Excalibur Crossbows are the most accurate, reliable, and dependable crossbows on the market today. Regardless of where or what you’re hunting, an Excalibur Crossbow has got you covered. To prove… watch now

    Rating: Views: 6,706 Duration: 00:06:40 Category: Television Shows Uploaded: 02-02-16

  • The Callmaster Rattles up a Bluegrass Buck

    The Callmaster Rattles up a Bluegrass Buck

    It’s Kentucky’s modern rifle season and the Callmaster, Jerry Peterson from Woods Wise Products, is in the tree with Backwoods Boy Paul Payne. If there’s ever a time to use deer calls, Jerry says this is the… watch now

    Rating: Views: 4,315 Duration: 00:05:03 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 11-19-15

  • A Dream Come True for Jake

    A Dream Come True for Jake

    Since Jake was a young boy he’s been in the woods with his dad and all of his Backwoods “uncles.” But today, he’s in a totally different scenario. He’s on his first African Safari at Koringkoppie… watch now

    Rating: Views: 1,583 Duration: 00:04:48 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 11-04-16

  • Dan Tags an Opening Day Buck

    Dan Tags an Opening Day Buck

    It’s opening day of Ohio’s archery season and Dan Wallace is in one of his favorite early season tree stands. He calls this stand the Killing Tree. Year after year this tree stand produces good bucks, and often during… watch now

    Rating: Views: 7,877 Duration: 00:06:05 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 10-01-15

  • Dan Takes a Buck at Last Light

    Dan Takes a Buck at Last Light

    The rut is kicking in Ohio, and Excalibur’s Huntin’ the Backwoods host Dan Wallace has been holding his buck tag longer than he’d like. But things are looking good as they walk into the deer woods. After seeing… watch now

    Rating: Views: 12,744 Duration: 00:08:12 Category: Whitetail Hunts Uploaded: 09-08-14

  • Red Top Mountain

    Red Top Mountain

    Dan heads west to New Mexico to hunt elk with Jared Taylor at Red Top Mountain Outfitters. After having been on 3 other elk hunts and never having any success, Dan had just about given up on elk hunting. But after talking to… watch now

    Rating: Views: 4,958 Duration: 00:06:46 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 07-09-14

  • Rob Dykeman Takes His Biggest Bear

    Rob Dykeman Takes His Biggest Bear

    Rob Dykeman, president of Excalibur Crossbow, joins the Backwoods Boys at Hoards Hunting Camps in Manitoba on a Fall bear hunt. Hoards Hunting Camps is known for producing monster black bears, and Rob is looking for one of those… watch now

    Rating: Views: 25,961 Duration: 00:06:01 Category: Bear Hunts Uploaded: 05-09-14

  • A Big Bull Moose in a Place Called Misery

    A Big Bull Moose in a Place Called Misery

    Backwoods Boy Dan Wallace is back at Newfoundland Adventures hunting with Todd Wiseman. Usually he’s hunting those big black bears Newfoundland is known for, but today, he’s after a big Newfoundland Moose. Moose hunting… watch now

    Rating: Views: 84,320 Duration: 00:10:15 Category: Other Big Game Hunts Uploaded: 02-11-14

  • The Island Bait

    The Island Bait

    Dan returns to one of his favorite places to bear hunt, and demonstrates how persistence and patience pay off in the bear woods. After four years of hunting with Newfoundland Adventures, Dan has learned a thing or two about persistence.… watch now

    Rating: Views: 3,944 Duration: 00:15:32 Category: Television Shows Uploaded: 02-11-14